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The Muppets

Muppets Haunted Mansion

The Great Gonzo – world famous daredevil artiste, has done it all, seen it all, and survived it all. But on Halloween night, the fearless Gonzo takes on the greatest challenge of his life by spending one very daring night in the most grim grinning place on Earth… The Haunted Mansion. Produced by Soapbox Films and The Muppet Studio and shot on our soundstage making use of our ARWall with custom 3D environments inspired by the Disney Haunted Mansion attraction.

Soapbox guided the film from conception to completion, handling all post and finishing, including over 950 individual VFX shots.

Official Trailer | Feature Landing Page On Disney+

Muppets Now

“Muppets Now” is The Muppets Studio’s first unscripted series and first original series for Disney+. In the six-episode season, Scooter rushes to make his delivery deadlines and upload the brand-new Muppet series for streaming. They are due now, and he’ll need to navigate whatever obstacles, distractions, and complications the rest of the Muppet gang throws at him.
Along with The Muppets Studio, Soapbox Films took the project from concept to screen, pulling together a writers’ room, storyboard artists, incredible performers, and an amazing production team to create what Thrillist called, “A joy delivery service.”

Official Trailer | IMDb

Muppets x Oris Watch Commercial

PROPILOT X ORIS WATCH IN COLLABORATION WITH DISNEY TO CELEBRATE KERMIT THE FROG Soapbox created a traditional commercial featuring the ProPilot X Kermit Edition watch. It has a green dial, naturally, but its most entertaining feature appears on the first of every month, or ‘Kermit Day’, when Kermit’s cheery face pops into the date window.

Celebration of Kermit the Frog x Oris Collaboration Landing Page

Muppet Babies Play Date “Let’s Play Together” on Disney Junior

The MUPPET BABIES are here to make dreams come true! Join Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, Gonzo and Summer on all their playroom adventures! Whether they’re building a time machine, blasting off into outer space or watching Gonzo launch himself out of a cannon, the sky is definitely NOT the limit for the Muppet Babies! Along with the help of Miss Nanny, the Muppet Babies will use their imaginations to explore their playroom and beyond!

Official Trailer

The Muppets Take The Bowl

“The Muppets Take the Bowl” is more than just a concert… more than just a performance… more than just a play on an iconic movie title. It’s the Muppets starring in a unique mix of inspired, chaotic entertainment as never seen before, live and in-person, on stage at the legendary Hollywood Bowl.

Official Sizzle Reel