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Disney’s Haunted Mansion Hires Jake From State Farm

Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction is known for its problematic supernatural squatters, and the upcoming live-action adaptation of the ride is no different. In a new Haunted Mansion ad, one of the film’s stars, Rosario Dawson, enlists a familiar face to help with the serious ghost problem… It’s Jake from State Farm!

So it turns out this is not only a Haunted Mansion ad but also a clever promo for insurance company State Farm. After opening on the foggy mansion itself, the 15-second spot features Rosario Dawson and Jake, played by actor Kevin Miles, navigating the chaotic halls of the manor.

First, a chandelier falls from the ceiling and crashes down between them. As they run past the fallen chandelier, Dawson references it asking, “What if I need more coverage?” Jake calmly replies, “State Farm is there for all your what ifs.” Dawson then asks ominously, “What if…?” and points in front of them.

The organist ghost is there playing the spooky instrument, unbothered by them as smaller spirits emerge from the organ. In response to her question, Jake murmurs, “Run?” The pair proceeds to follow his suggestion, and then promptly runs out of the room. It’s a pretty cute idea and makes for an entertaining ad.
HOWEVER, the most hilarious part is that in real life, State Farm has specific policies regarding ghosts. There is even a tiny little disclaimer on the bottom of the screen in reference to it. The small text reads, “State Farm does not provide coverage for paranormal events or losses.” I guess that’s why Jake’s best suggestion was to run.
Walt Disney Pictures’ Haunted Mansion premieres in theaters July 28th! In addition to Dawson, the film stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Owen Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, Danny DeVito, Jared Leto, Winona Ryder, and more!